Following current feedback from the Department of Education, approved providers must have the following information on their website within their curriculum scope and sequence section:

  • The delivery of our curriculum is taught with sensitivity and in an age appropriate manner.

  • Our teachers are trained in the use of classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards and digital projectors.

  • Regular ongoing training which includes classroom management strategies and implementation of the curriculum occurs.

  • Review of SRE teaching which including teacher self-reflection, student feedback, classroom observation, supervisor feedback, mentor support and adherence to the authorised curriculum occurs.

  • We report the results of the review process which is part of our annual assurance process and includes a description of efforts to address identified issues such as further training and mentor support.

  • We approve all materials and internet resources that are identified for use by SRE teachers.

Forms & Policy

2018 SRE Code of Conduct - Download

SRE Complaints Form (NSW) - Download

C3 Church Australia SRE Complaints Policies and Procedures - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Interactive Whiteboards and Digital Projectors - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Social Media and Audio Visual Technology - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE SRE Team Authorisation Process - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Teacher Audit Process - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Teacher Evaluation Form - Download

C3 Church Australia (NSW) SRE Team Application and Engagement Form - Download

Annual Assurance of Providers of SRE

Some of our C3 Churches in NSW are reaching out into their school communities by teaching the Word of God through SRE (Special Religious Education) via legislative guidelines provided by the Department of Education and Communities.  SRE classes  provide an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the Bible.

All C3 Church SRE teachers form part of the one team "C3 Churches NSW SRE” and are required to have a verified Working with Children Check; complete Anglican Youthworks SRE Training; Child Protection Training; participate in regular training and development team meetings and are authorised by C3 Church Australia leadership with an ID card. A letter is provided to schools before the start of term 1, or as required, stating that C3 Church SRE teachers have met the requirements outlined above and which includes the name of authorised teachers and their date of birth and contact details.

Primary School SRE (Kinder to Yr 6) involves preparing and presenting a 30 minute lesson to a group of children each week. Primary and High School SRE are a fun, exciting and rewarding way to contribute to our local schools and enhance public education. Approved School curriculums are: