2019 National Conference (Early-Bird)

2019 National Conference (Early-Bird)


Pre order your conference tickets for 2019. Specific to be announced (speakers, kids programs etc).

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The registration price does not include GST as the conference is considered a 'Religious Service'. If you require a Tax Invoice for your records, please photocopy a registration form prior to sending it in.  


We understand that people's circumstances can change and provide the following alternatives to assist you. Cancellations or transfers (subject to availability) can be arranged, by writing to the C3 Australia National Office before 1st August 2019. You are able to transfer your registration (only once) to another person at no extra cost. Registrations can only be cancelled and refunded under exceptional circumstances and will incur an administration cost of 50% of registration per person. Please note that refunds are not available for transferred registrations. From time to time, there may be a need for special consideration of your circumstances in regards to this policy. If this is the case, please contact our office to discuss this further. Your registration and payment, confirm that you have accepted this policy.


If you require special seating (for medical conditions) for the Conference, please put your request in writing with a detailed medical certificate by 1st August, 2019.


The Conference experience will be captured in both photographs and audio/visual footage. C3 Church Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to use this material for any purposes in perpetuity. C3 Church recommends that you confirm your registration with our office prior to booking any flights and/or accommodation. C3 Church does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred for flights and/or accommodation booked for the conference. The organisers of the Conference have the right to change any of the published conference details without notice and have the final say on any matter relating to the conference. 


The Conference office is unable to process your registration without full registration details and payment. 


Involvement Consent: I, being the parent/guardian of the said child, hereby give my consent that my son/daughter may participate in any activities they choose over the course of the conference, including games, jumping castles, sport etc. 

Supervision Policy: The Conference will provide adult supervision while your child is in our program and all diligence will be made to ensure they are in a safe and friendly environment. Children will not be able to leave the Conference unaccompanied by a parent/guardian. I, being the parent/guardian commit to picking my child up from the Conference no later than 30 minutes after the adult session ends; I understand that a late-fee may apply for pick-up outside of this time. 

Helping Hands (Special Needs): I, being the parent/guardian of the said child understand that if my child requires above average attention and care that a carer must accompany him/her for the duration of the conference unless arranged otherwise with the Conference organisers. 

Medical Treatment: In case of emergency, I hereby give permission to the first aid staff to ensure proper treatment for my child. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me before instituting such procedures. I agree to pay all such doctor, ambulance and hospital fees incurred on behalf of my child. I have attached a list of any health information about my child that the first aid staff need to know. 

Liability Waiver: I, being the parent/guardian of the said child understand that whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the good welfare and protection of my child; C3 Church, its staff and volunteers are hereby released from any and all liability in the event of an accident or misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to the child and/or their property, unless it is due to our negligence
Food & Allergy Policy

For the safety of all our delegates and volunteers, we request that you do not pack any food or snacks for the sessions. We will not be allowing any food into the Kids Care venue. It is the parent's responsibility to provide your child with food before sending them to the Kids Care 2019 Sessions. Snacks will be provided for all children at designated morning tea and afternoon tea times. All snacks provided are gluten-free and nut-free, however our team will be checking allergies before providing children with snacks.